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Jan 8, 2015

Not Hitler but soviets started War - Berlin Milestone hours before "Paris Charlie Hebdo shooting" hoax

How illuminazis use agents "Putin" and Yatsenyuk to rewrite History - Only difference is the audience.
Nov 7, 2014: "Putin" used to set a milestone in the Rewrite History agenda

Russia gov: Soviet Union did not want to fight Hitler.
This is how "Putin" rewrites Stalin's pact with Hitler to gain the time that the soviets needed to arm themselves and so have a chance to resist the inevitable nazi invasion.
Apparently how "Putin" is used while addressing a russian audience is not as extreme as Yatsenyuk, two months later, addressing a german audience.
In fact BOTH rewrite BLACK as WHITE.

Ukraine gov: Soviet Union invaded Hitler's Germany: Berlin Milestone hours before the "Paris shooting" hoax
Jan 2015: Merkel invites Ukraine's prime minister Yatsenyuk to Berlin.
Mission: set a milestone in the Rewrite History agenda, Jan 6, hours before the Paris shooting hoax
Not Germany's chancellor but the Ukraine's prime minister has the role to first proclaim the new "TRUTH":
"Not Hitler but the soviets launched the Second World war".
But make no mistake: the milestone is set at an all german stage, more precisely at the heart of the IV Reich: German state TV ARD and Berlin.
The III Reich's capital that at this point is officially again "only" the capital of Germany.

Nov 6, 2014
Putin on the pact that the Soviet Union signed with Germany in 1939, carving up eastern Europe:
“Serious research would show those were the methods of foreign policy then,” he said at a meeting with historians.
“The Soviet Union signed a non-aggression agreement with Germany. They say, ‘Oh, how bad,’” Putin said during a meeting of academics.
“But what is so bad about it, if the Soviet Union did not want to fight? What is so bad?”

Jan 6 2015
Berlin: german gov welcomes Yatsenyuk. The crowds aren't the same as when Hitler welcomed Mussolini.
Ukraine's prime minister at Berlin and on german state TV:
1:10 - "We can all very well remember the invasion of Germany by the Soviet Union during the second World War"

Continue reading;
Timing for Charlie Hebdo shooting hoax - WHY Jan 7, 2015:
Shanksville remake Jan 15 (part of 9/11 remake at Jerusalem) and remake of Hitler's victory march, Paris 1940, 4 days after the start of World War II was rewritten.

1939: Illuminati launch the war to put an end to all wars, In other words: to proclaim Global Slavery.

Added Jan 27, 2015
How almost all slavs became slaves:
Mockery of 70th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz nazis assgn yet another slavic government the role of rewriting History

More illuminati jokes part of the same series: 
Apr 2015: Mockery of 70th Anniversary of Victory Day:
"Putin" casted "a bunch of pimps" of a biker gang to be the stars of the celebration of 70 years of Hitler's defeat:

Sep 26 2015 - Mockery pushed ever further
"Putin" comimg as close as it gets to Yatsemyuk, by simply using Poland instead of Russia:
"Poles furious after Russia blames them for starting WWII"


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