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Jan 8, 2015

Not Hitler but soviets started War - Berlin Milestone hours before "Paris Charlie Hebdo shooting" hoax

Not Hitler but soviets started war - Illuminati set Milestone in Berlin hours before "Paris Charlie Hebdo shooting" hoax: 

How illuminazis use agents "Putin" and Yatsenyuk to rewrite History - Only difference is the audience.
Nov 7, 2014: "Putin" used to set a milestone in the Rewrite History agenda

Russia gov: Soviet Union did not want to fight Hitler.
This is how "Putin" rewrites Stalin's pact with Hitler to gain the time that the soviets needed to arm themselves and so have a chance to resist the inevitable nazi invasion.
Apparently how "Putin" is used while addressing a russian audience is not as extreme as Yatsenyuk, two months later, addressing a german audience.
In fact BOTH rewrite BLACK as WHITE.

Ukraine gov: Soviet Union invaded Hitler's Germany: Berlin Milestone hours before the "Paris shooting" hoax
Jan 2015: Merkel invites Ukraine's prime minister Yatsenyuk to Berlin. 
Mission: set a milestone in the Rewrite History agenda, Jan 6, hours before the Paris shooting hoax
Not Germany's chancellor but the Ukraine's prime minister has the role to first proclaim the new "TRUTH":
"Not Hitler but the soviets launched the Second World war". 
But make no mistake: the milestone is set at an all german stage, more precisely at the heart of the IV Reich: German state TV ARD and Berlin.
The III Reich's capital that at this point is officially again "only" the capital of Germany.

Nov 6, 2014
Putin on the pact that the Soviet Union signed with Germany in 1939, carving up eastern Europe:
“Serious research would show those were the methods of foreign policy then,” he said at a meeting with historians.
“The Soviet Union signed a non-aggression agreement with Germany. They say, ‘Oh, how bad,’” Putin said during a meeting of academics. 
“But what is so bad about it, if the Soviet Union did not want to fight? What is so bad?”
Jan 6 2015
Berlin: german gov welcomes Yatsenyuk. The crowds aren't the same as when Hitler welcomed  Mussolini.
Ukraine's prime minister at Berlin and on german state TV:
1:10 - "We can all very well remember the invasion of Germany by the Soviet Union during the second World War"
Continue reading: 
Timing for Charlie Hebdo shooting hoax - WHY Jan 7, 2015:
Shanksville remake Jan 15 (part of 9/11 remake at Jerusalem) and remake of Hitler's victory march, Paris 1940, 4 days after the start of World War II was rewritten.

How almost all slavs became slaves:
Jan 27, 2015 - Mockery of 70th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz nazis assign yet another slavic government the role of rewriting History

More illuminati jokes part of the same series: 
Apr 2015: Mockery of 70th Anniversary of Victory Day:
"Putin" casted "a bunch of pimps" of a biker gang to be the stars of the celebration of 70 years of Hitler's defeat:

Sep 26, 2015 - "Putin" comes as close as it gets to Yatsenyuk, by simply using Poland instead of Russia:
Poles furious after Russia blames them for starting WWII - for dummies

1939: Illuminati launch the war to put an end to all wars, In other words: to proclaim Global Slavery.

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Jan 25, 2013

Massacres of Serbs: Orthodox Failure to get rewritten Vatican History

Massacres of serbs in XX century: Consequences of failing to understand how illuminati rewrote the recent History of the Catholic Church
As humans became beasts, no wonder almost all fail to get the core lies about the Catholic Church, starting with the basic one: Vatican now is the same as before John XXIII.
The failure to get that once christian Vatican is now controlled by their greatest enemies, the illuminati secret society, is illustrated by an article supposedly written by an orthodox serb.

Is the article unwillingly or deliberately propagating lies?
The article [1] illustrates how illuminati victims unwillingly (?) propagate the illuminati lies, in this case the lies createad by illuminati rewriting the History of the Catholic Church in the years before the 1958 John XXIII coup.

The article is based on the assumption that "Vatican during the genocide of Serbs in the nineties = Vatican during the genocide of Serbs during second World War".[2]
In other words, that the illuminati core lies about the History of the Catholic Church in the 20th century are true.

No wonder that the article propagates disinformation about:
- the role of the Vatican during the genocide of Serbs in World War II. [3]
- the core LIE "Vatican before 1960 = Vatican after 1960". [4]
- the basic fact about the genocide of Serbs in the nineties. The article denies that it was supervised by the illuminati secret society, that at that point already controlled EVERY goverment of the current EU members. [5]

The latest at this point the suspiciion arises that the article is in fact written by an illuminati.

[1] Jan 19, 2013
Will the Roman Catholic Church apologize for the genocide of Serbian Orthodox Christians?

[2] Assumption that "[i]Vatican during the genocide of Serbs in the nineties = Vatican during the genocide of Serbs during second World War"
"I beseech the millions of good Catholics the world over to learn more about this horrible and highly suppressed genocide that was committed in the name of Catholicism. I also ask Catholics to encourage their leaders to accept responsibility, apologize for, compensate the victims, "

[3] Disinformation about the role of the Vatican during the genocide of Serbs in World War II. Note that "Catholic Church" not Vatican is used:
Many books such as Magnum Crimen (Enormous Crime) and The Vatican’s Holocaust have detailed the role of the Catholic Church and Mussolini in supporting the Croatian Ustashe in its infancy in the 1930's and then installing this terrorist organization to rule the NDH (under Nazi supervision). 

[4] Propagating the core LIE "Vatican before 1959 = Vatican after 1959":
Croatia’s Catholic Archbishop during WWII, Alojzije Stepinac was convicted as a war criminal in Tito’s Yugoslavia but has been revered as an anti-Communist “hero” and even “martyr” in Croatia and has even been shockingly beatified as a “Saint” by the Catholic Church. 
The basic fact is concealed: Stepinac was beatified by illuminati "pope" John Paul II, the same who beatified "chemical Charles", the illuminati member assigned the role to launch World War I, as Austrian Emperor.
In other words the same role as Hitler in World War II.
Last Prophet's words the day it was staged, October 2004, miraculously survived at:
Pope beatifies last Austro-Hungarian emperor (aka chemical Charles I)
archived 2004:

[5] Disinfo about the basic fact about the genocide of Serbs in the nineties:
"NATO’s illegal and vicious war on the Serbs in 1999 had the support of a large fraction of European leaders ... along with US leaders such as Bill and Hillary Clinton both of whom... needed a quick excuse to draw attention away from the Monica Lewinsky “frosted dress” scandal."
TRUTH is: 
- ALL Illuminatziland governments propagated the BIG LIE that Serbs were killing "poor" albanians;
- the attack to Serbia was a KEY strategic move, in fact it marked the start of the battle of Armageddon. In 2001 the illuminati "leaked" the TRUTH in german state TV:
the opposite is true about the "Monica Lewsinky scandal": one of the goals for the illuminati to stage this theater was to divert from the begin of the battle from where there is no return, the battle of Armageddon.

Catholic Church - 20th century History: Two Illuminati core lies

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Nov 4, 2011

Tennis ball and Maria Sharapova: erasing time, beyond stripping titles

Mar 8, 2016 - Sharapova staged confession and Obama hits Clinton predicted 2011 by Last Prophet
Last Prophet words from Nov 2011, last 3 lines added Jan 2013, as illuminati stage two "hearings": Lance Armstrong's "confession" and Hillary Clinton with thick glasses on the  Benghazi "attack" that caused "dead ambassador Chris Stevens":
One of the two most reduced techniques to rewrite History is to simply turn it upside down, alias black is white.
The other one is erasing a period of time, as illustrated by this tennis ball.
From forum managed by illuminati web of disinfo:
"Weird gravity change on Australian Open Ballcourt!!!! Sharapova finds dead spot - check out the video".
Last Prophet replies, Nov 2011:
Either fake video or if audience could also witness it then staged using an iron or lead ball packaged as tennis ball.
Now for the general and specific agendas or why Maria Sharapova is in the cast and the ball fails to move:
General Agenda
Part of the series "presaging the BIG BANG", that starts with the resurrection of Obama Bin Laden, a role played by the same ethnic indonesian actor playing "black Obama".
In the words of an illuminati psy-op: "Anyone recall the ball at the basketball game a few weeks ago that just hung on the rim without moving for seconds?
Little glitches in the matrix, presaging broader/wilder ones."
Specific Agenda
Maria Sharapova is in the cast and the ball fails to move for one and the same immediate reason: the doping conspiracy, more precisely stripping titles over a continuous period of time.
In the words of illuminati psy-op "time-distortion bubble. Time slowed down in a localized bubble."
Symbolism for time standing still or better for:
Time erased from History books: the doping conspiracy used to set a milestone
The doping conspiracy will have its climax with the "confessions" of  Lance Armstrong and Usain Bolt.
Their confessions, more precisley the first one of them to "confess" what he didn't do, will also set a milestone: time erased from History books without need for explanation.
In other words: the first one to "confess" will also be the first one to be stripped of all titles accused of doping, ignoring the result of the tests they had.
Stripping Armstrong will mean that time stood still from 1999 to 2005, when the greatest cyclist ever won each and every time the Tour de France.
Reminder: the Tour de France was the world's most important cycling event before the illuminati destroyed that sport. 
Same with Usain Bolt, fastest man ever and forever, crowned with all world titles from 2007 until now.
Why Maria Sharapova is in the cast
Sharapova is russian and will probably be "confessing" soon, part of the agenda of pushing the doping conspiracy from the stage of accusing individual athletes to mass slaughter: "all russian athletes on drugs". 
But there's an even more important reason to have Sharapova in the script: 
Sharapova holds now, for seven years in a row, the title of "World's Highest-Paid Female Athlete".
Why stripping titles retroactively has a KEY role in the BIG BANG script
That's what will happen to actor Obama, with Hitlery Clinton declared the real 44th president, successor of GW Bush.
Note added Jan 2013, as Lance Armstrong finally "confesses":
Link in BASICS replaced with an even better one in the context of crazy videos related to this subject:
To get how this will work, start with another staged video, but this time the craziest ever:
Obama hits Clinton caught with hidden cammera - to be released after Obama's staged arrest.
Jan 21, 2011 - Dead Spot on Hisense Arena
All revealed by Last Prophet years ago and echoed by nobody else, including Craziest ever staged footage:
Jan 2013 - To get why Hillary Clinton vanished for a while only to reappear wearing thick glasses in the hearings about the fake Benghazi attack on the "US embassy":
March 2016 - As predicted, Maria Sharapova's staged drugs confession - agendas for dummies

Jul 30, 2009

Rewrite History techniques - Basic Typology illustrated with key End of USA pieces

April 2009 - on "Obama's" 100 days of the presidency that will be declared to have never existed, End Times Prophet presented the riddle that is the KEY to the first DOOR of both the FULL STORY of the assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr and the REAL STORY of Jackie F. Kennedy.

July 30, 2009 - Shortly before the begin of global genocide in Illuminatziland and the fulfillment of another terminal prophecy of End Times Prophet, which so far was falsely used to "prove" Matt Marriott a false prophet: "Obama" stripped of the 44th presidential title, Terminator Hillary Clinton replaces "Obama" as the President that came after GW Bush.
At this point another Basic Typology should be specified. The reason is not the imminent "Hillary Clinton used to rewrite History" chapter but the "Jackie F. Kennedy used to rewrite History" chapter. The only chapter that really matters in the End of the USA puzzle, also about to be completed.

Basic Typology of techniques used to rewrite History chapters
Basic criteria include: who is used? what type of "historical" proof?
Who is used?
The basic divide is: are any participants in the chapter being rewritten actually used?
For "YES" type, the basic divide is: do used participants also play a primary role in the chapter?
What type of "historical" proof?
The basic divide is: is footage of the chapter being rewritten used? (1)
For "YES" type, the basic divide is: is the footage real? (2)
For "YES" subtype, the basic divide is: is the message of this real footage the same as the message of the raw footage? (3)

KEY to most efficient technique to rewrite History
What is the most efficient technique to rewrite History?
"Coincidentally" it is not until End Times that the most powerful type can be used to rewrite History. And it can be used to rewrite only the History of End Times.
"Coincidentally", fake footage produced by End Times Computers, which accounts now for almost all of the fake footage subtype, is one of the few arts that reaches the pinnacle at the End of Illuminati End Times.
Yet neither that computer art nor real footage produced after cutting raw material used to pass a different message of the original footage, are the correct answer to the question. Because, as a consequence of the BIG LIE framework, the bigger the lie the easier it is to expose it.

The answer is: raw footage of participants playing a primary role. In other words: when the "proof" belongs to all "YES" types previously mentioned.

The key for obtaining the ideal "proof" is obviously to set the stage to have participants playing a primary role, acting in front of the camera, as specified in the rewrite History script.

(1) Concerning the "NO" type, no footage used: as a consequence of the Laws of End Times Reductionism, in the last days, after people accepted the Mark and were reduced to beasts, the illuminati no more need to fake all "documents", since beasts will repeat that "black is white, day is night", each time the elders tell them to do it.
Example: the main chapter used to rewrite "Jesus and Mary Magdalene", was reduced to reuse an existing and not faked historical document, the painting "Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci, and telling to the sheep that the man seen at the side of Jesus is not an apostle but it is a woman, more precisely lover Mary Magdalene.
(2) Concerning the "NO" type, faked footage: as you would expect from the Laws of End Times Reductionism, the  "created by computer" subtype can be used to maximally reduce (to near 0 seconds) the time required to rewrite History. The pinnacle was reached with the second "plane" "impacting" the WTC towers.

(3) Concerning the "NO" type, real footage used to pass a different message from raw footage:  the ultimate example is reached each time an illuminat lottery is drawn "live" on TV. While the raw footage shows that the jackpot winner is each time one and the same, with the "proof" broadcasted "live" using assembled footage, it does not take long to rewrite the winner to mostly an anonymous, or exceptionally to a "lucky" Juan Rodriguez.


May 8, 2009

Suicide Obomber and Miss California v Usain Bolt - FAILLUMINATI stripping medals

One thing is sure:
IF despite their FAILLUMINATI status (1) they will detonate the suicide Obomber ...
THEN he will be stripped of his 44th president medal, and in the official medal table Real Terminator Clinton will appear as the successor of G W Bush.

"Miss California" and "US President Obama"
There is no difference between the actress Prejean in the role of "Miss California may be stripped of her crown" (2) and the actor Steve "X" (3) in the role of "President Obama stripped of his presidency", i.e. before "Miss California" was "elected",
Prejean already knew every detail of the act:
- her line in the script as "black sheep", "criticizing" homosexual "marriage";
- her nudity photos surfacing immediately after, part of the "prodigal daughter" role in the illuminati script;
- Fake Decider Donald Trump stepping on stage to complete the act. Trump confirms that "she could have been stripped of her crown". Trump uses the illuminati joke format in a reference to "Obama", for the last "final" words: "these kind of things do NOT happen in America".

"Miss California" vs Usain Bolt
The only similarity between "Miss California may be stripped of her crown" and "Usain Bolt stripped of his world records and his medals" (4) is that both acts are part of the mind control techniques used to prepare the "President Obama stripped of his presidency" act.

That preparation was the reason to stage the Miss California act, i.e. advancing the homosexual agenda and the terror agenda is just added to the act, following the usual illuminati approach of advancing several agendas with the same act.

This is the other way round in the case of Usain Bolt. The main reason is to complete the destruction of natural sports while selling the "BIG PHARMA" hoaxes, with the elimination of the world's greatest athlete ever.
Yet stripping Bolt of his medals could not be staged at a better moment than shortly before detonating the suicide Obomber.
That is why the illuminati tried to physically eliminate (murder or knock-out) Bolt in the car "accident" in Jamaica, since in the script Bolt should have no possibility to make any statements following the "revelation" that the new "tests" of his Beijing samples were positive, which was planned for the day after the "accident". (5)

(1) May 7, 2009: Financial Armageddon: attackers retreat shortly before ** TOTAL DISARRAY **

(2) April 20, 2009 - Miss California Sparks Furor With Gay Marriage Comments on Miss USA Telecast

(3) October 2008: "Obama"', the same actor used in the last Osama Bin Laden tapes, has his first true statement in public: his real name, Steve:

(4) Usain Bolt's car "accident", April 29, 2009

(5) Usain Bolt and Lance Armstrong are the absolute last champions that the brainwashed masses would still expect to hear what do they have to say, after being accused of doping.
But they are also ultimate examples of refusing to accept the Truth, because that Truth is TOO HORRIBLE.
By the way, this article was deleted from online mass media of Jamaica, newspaper Jamaica Star. It was here:
And like for Usain Bolt (who stated to be "humbled" by Clinton's wish to meet him, after the illuminati tried to kill him) and Lance Armstrong (supported McCain, the ultimate loser icon created by the Illuminati), the horrible thing is that even if it was probably  the illuminati who deleted it, it was  also possible that the moderator was a real Bolt fan.
added June 10: Today Prejean was finally stripped of her crown. Who is the next to be stripped of his crown: Usain Bolt or suicide Obomber, aka 44th POTUS Hussein Obama?
Or is there no time left for the execution of Usain Bolt and detonation of suicide Obomber to launch ethnic civil war, before compulsory "Vaccissassination" of the human cattle?

intrade, one of the last real markets. Site later shitdown by the illuminati.
May 8, 2009:
Jun 11, 2009, the day the Trumperminator finally stripped  "Miss California":

Jul 31, 2008

Rewriting Words, first step to rewrite History - THE BEAST rewriting the own name, in two steps

Years before the French Revolution, when the Beast first let the mask completely fall, trying to wipe out christianity, burning churches, priests, nuns and the faithful, with Napoleon in the anntichrist role, the satanists used the fairy tale format to begin rewriting their own name.
The first step maximally reduced returns  four words, the title of the "fairy tale",: "Beauty and the Beast" (in French five words: La Belle et la BĂȘte). (1)
250 years later they use their Wikipedia to officially complete that process, telling us that  "A beast is an animal, especially a four-legged mammal."
"Ironically" the title they created for the "fairy tale"' in the first step of the process of rewriting the word is what immediately exposes the last step of that process. "Beauty and the Animal" just does not ring true...

(1) Accoding to Illuminati History the first published version of the fairy tale was a rendition by Madame Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, published in La jeune américaine, et les contes marins in 1740.

For Napoleon, see:
Three major misconceptions about the History of the Illuminati secret society

Beast Word - Revision history by the Beast, using neo-Gestapo and neo-Goebbels, exposed step by step