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Nov 4, 2011

Tennis ball and Maria Sharapova: erasing time, beyond stripping titles

Mar 8, 2016 - Sharapova staged confession and Obama hits Clinton predicted 2011 by Last Prophet
Last Prophet words from Nov 2011, last 3 lines added Jan 2013, as illuminati stage two "hearings": Lance Armstrong's "confession" and Hillary Clinton with thick glasses on the  Benghazi "attack" that caused "dead ambassador Chris Stevens":
One of the two most reduced techniques to rewrite History is to simply turn it upside down, alias black is white.
The other one is erasing a period of time, as illustrated by this tennis ball.
From forum managed by illuminati web of disinfo:
"Weird gravity change on Australian Open Ballcourt!!!! Sharapova finds dead spot - check out the video".
Last Prophet replies, Nov 2011:
Either fake video or if audience could also witness it then staged using an iron or lead ball packaged as tennis ball.
Now for the general and specific agendas or why Maria Sharapova is in the cast and the ball fails to move:
General Agenda
Part of the series "presaging the BIG BANG", that starts with the resurrection of Obama Bin Laden, a role played by the same ethnic indonesian actor playing "black Obama".
In the words of an illuminati psy-op: "Anyone recall the ball at the basketball game a few weeks ago that just hung on the rim without moving for seconds?
Little glitches in the matrix, presaging broader/wilder ones."
Specific Agenda
Maria Sharapova is in the cast and the ball fails to move for one and the same immediate reason: the doping conspiracy, more precisely stripping titles over a continuous period of time.
In the words of illuminati psy-op "time-distortion bubble. Time slowed down in a localized bubble."
Symbolism for time standing still or better for:
Time erased from History books: the doping conspiracy used to set a milestone
The doping conspiracy will have its climax with the "confessions" of  Lance Armstrong and Usain Bolt.
Their confessions, more precisley the first one of them to "confess" what he didn't do, will also set a milestone: time erased from History books without need for explanation.
In other words: the first one to "confess" will also be the first one to be stripped of all titles accused of doping, ignoring the result of the tests they had.
Stripping Armstrong will mean that time stood still from 1999 to 2005, when the greatest cyclist ever won each and every time the Tour de France.
Reminder: the Tour de France was the world's most important cycling event before the illuminati destroyed that sport. 
Same with Usain Bolt, fastest man ever and forever, crowned with all world titles from 2007 until now.
Why Maria Sharapova is in the cast
Sharapova is russian and will probably be "confessing" soon, part of the agenda of pushing the doping conspiracy from the stage of accusing individual athletes to mass slaughter: "all russian athletes on drugs". 
But there's an even more important reason to have Sharapova in the script: 
Sharapova holds now, for seven years in a row, the title of "World's Highest-Paid Female Athlete".
Why stripping titles retroactively has a KEY role in the BIG BANG script
That's what will happen to actor Obama, with Hitlery Clinton declared the real 44th president, successor of GW Bush.
Note added Jan 2013, as Lance Armstrong finally "confesses":
Link in BASICS replaced with an even better one in the context of crazy videos related to this subject:
To get how this will work, start with another staged video, but this time the craziest ever:
Obama hits Clinton caught with hidden cammera - to be released after Obama's staged arrest.
Jan 21, 2011 - Dead Spot on Hisense Arena
All revealed by Last Prophet years ago and echoed by nobody else, including Craziest ever staged footage:
Jan 2013 - To get why Hillary Clinton vanished for a while only to reappear wearing thick glasses in the hearings about the fake Benghazi attack on the "US embassy":
March 2016 - As predicted, Maria Sharapova's staged drugs confession - agendas for dummies

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