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Jul 30, 2009

Rewrite History techniques - Basic Typology illustrated with key End of USA pieces

April 2009 - on "Obama's" 100 days of the presidency that will be declared to have never existed, End Times Prophet presented the riddle that is the KEY to the first DOOR of both the FULL STORY of the assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr and the REAL STORY of Jackie F. Kennedy.

July 30, 2009 - Shortly before the begin of global genocide in Illuminatziland and the fulfillment of another terminal prophecy of End Times Prophet, which so far was falsely used to "prove" Matt Marriott a false prophet: "Obama" stripped of the 44th presidential title, Terminator Hillary Clinton replaces "Obama" as the President that came after GW Bush.
At this point another Basic Typology should be specified. The reason is not the imminent "Hillary Clinton used to rewrite History" chapter but the "Jackie F. Kennedy used to rewrite History" chapter. The only chapter that really matters in the End of the USA puzzle, also about to be completed.

Basic Typology of techniques used to rewrite History chapters
Basic criteria include: who is used? what type of "historical" proof?
Who is used?
The basic divide is: are any participants in the chapter being rewritten actually used?
For "YES" type, the basic divide is: do used participants also play a primary role in the chapter?
What type of "historical" proof?
The basic divide is: is footage of the chapter being rewritten used? (1)
For "YES" type, the basic divide is: is the footage real? (2)
For "YES" subtype, the basic divide is: is the message of this real footage the same as the message of the raw footage? (3)

KEY to most efficient technique to rewrite History
What is the most efficient technique to rewrite History?
"Coincidentally" it is not until End Times that the most powerful type can be used to rewrite History. And it can be used to rewrite only the History of End Times.
"Coincidentally", fake footage produced by End Times Computers, which accounts now for almost all of the fake footage subtype, is one of the few arts that reaches the pinnacle at the End of Illuminati End Times.
Yet neither that computer art nor real footage produced after cutting raw material used to pass a different message of the original footage, are the correct answer to the question. Because, as a consequence of the BIG LIE framework, the bigger the lie the easier it is to expose it.

The answer is: raw footage of participants playing a primary role. In other words: when the "proof" belongs to all "YES" types previously mentioned.

The key for obtaining the ideal "proof" is obviously to set the stage to have participants playing a primary role, acting in front of the camera, as specified in the rewrite History script.

(1) Concerning the "NO" type, no footage used: as a consequence of the Laws of End Times Reductionism, in the last days, after people accepted the Mark and were reduced to beasts, the illuminati no more need to fake all "documents", since beasts will repeat that "black is white, day is night", each time the elders tell them to do it.
Example: the main chapter used to rewrite "Jesus and Mary Magdalene", was reduced to reuse an existing and not faked historical document, the painting "Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci, and telling to the sheep that the man seen at the side of Jesus is not an apostle but it is a woman, more precisely lover Mary Magdalene.
(2) Concerning the "NO" type, faked footage: as you would expect from the Laws of End Times Reductionism, the  "created by computer" subtype can be used to maximally reduce (to near 0 seconds) the time required to rewrite History. The pinnacle was reached with the second "plane" "impacting" the WTC towers.

(3) Concerning the "NO" type, real footage used to pass a different message from raw footage:  the ultimate example is reached each time an illuminat lottery is drawn "live" on TV. While the raw footage shows that the jackpot winner is each time one and the same, with the "proof" broadcasted "live" using assembled footage, it does not take long to rewrite the winner to mostly an anonymous, or exceptionally to a "lucky" Juan Rodriguez.


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